Pueblo Deputies' Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7


 To purchase Lodge #7 Hats, T Shirts or Challenge coins contact a Board member.

 Lodge T-Shirts $10

Hats $15

Coins $10

All Members in good standings are encouraged to attend membership meetings. As always your E-Board Members are here for you. Please feel free to contact them and ask your questions.







The Executive Board is elected by the members of FOP Lodge 7 and represents the desires and direction of the membership.  FOP Lodge 7 belongs to the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police and is also a member of the Colorado FOP State Labor Council.   The Board is an elected body serves at the will of the membership in accordance with the Constitution/Bylaws of the Lodge.  We are a law enforcement labor organization whose primary goal is to enhance and improve the working conditions of the law enforcement employees serving the citizens of Pueblo County.  We expect and welcome input both positive and negative.  We expect any member’s questions or concerns to be brought to a membership meeting for debate.  

We are committed to our membership and our profession.  Our primary goal is to act in the benefit of everyone who is a law enforcement employee working for our County.  We understand if we have an adversarial relationship with management that goal will be harder to achieve.  We recognize when working with management we come from two different sides on issues concerning our members; but it is our goal to work together to bring all issues to the forefront and try to resolve them.  We fully realize we will not always reach an understanding or resolution to problems that arise; but if we maintain a professional and business like respect for each other’s viewpoints the task will
be easier.  Respect and face to face communication is essential to any relationship when problems arise.  Unfortunately try as hard as we have that has not been the case with the current administration.  Hopefully that will change.

All of your E-Board Members are available for questions.

 President - Mike Fetterhoff  719-429-6654

Vice-President Law Enforcement - Ronald Thurston  719-252-1503

Vice-President Detention - Ray DeBiase 

Secretary - Jason Guagliardo 

Treasurer - Melissa Rohrich 

Sgt at Arms - Jason Hanratty 

Chaplain - Pending

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